Harper tells the teacher

Harper tells the teacher

Weve been avoiding lAffair Cadman since its been done to death  elsewhere. But the news that Prime Minister Harper is threatening a lawsuit laughed us into action.

Weve always found The Pillsbury PM petulant, obviously a simpleton and a bully, so these hysterics arent really surprising. He was leader of the Conservatives at the time, so demands for a personal explanation are perfectly reasonable. Their handing of the fracas so far implicated him further, and now hes embarrassing himself by threatening this suit.

Its unbecoming to a Prime Minister, and stinks un-Canadian. If the allegations really held no water he wouldnt have to stoop like this, and could deal with them directly.

Newsflash: the widow speaks. I knew he was telling the truth; I could see it in his eyes. Which reminds us of George and Vladimir and is, truely, a postmodern argument

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