Stealth budgets and simpletons

Stealth budgets and simpletons

A private members bill that would allow RESP savings to be directly tax deductable, and cost somewhere between $900 million and $2 billion dollars (both more or less made-up numbers, if you read the article) was passed in the House, and now sits before the Senate.

The Conservatives, thoroughly emasculated (and confused, we imagine; there must be a lot of paper-shuffling and looking at letterheads. But no, it says right there that Im the Minister!) are asking the Liberal Senate to drop it. We dont expect that will happen.

This is precisely why Minority governments require openness, tact and intelligence, signs of which are noticably lacking from the doughy wasteland of Peter Harpers forehead.

The measure itself is a good idea, though quite possibly not an affordable one. Something the Conservatives ought to have considered since they knew they couldnt vote  it out.

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